A quick platform game created using Scratch #compsci

Our S2 students are currently working to a new course schedule which means that they are experiencing Scratch games design and skill building earlier in the session than in previous years. Already I’ve found my classes more motivated to listen to the teacher and make the most of their time in class, rather than the silent apathy that can creep in after they have made their subject choices for S3.

The final skill I’m going to show my S2 classes tomorrow involves creating a simple platform game like the one shown below. If you would like to see the code for use in your own class please click here .



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Cost comparison of hosting vs using Replit cycles

Are you looking for a way to cut hosting costs for your website? Look no further! I recently faced a similar challenge with my csteach.uk site and I’m excited to share my findings with you. As many of us know, the cost-of-living crisis in the UK has made it important to reduce expenses wherever we […]

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Using Replit to Deliver 21st Century Assessment #replitedfest2022

Below are the slides from my Replit EdFest 2022 session on 21st July 2022

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freeCodeCamp: Responsive Web Design

This evening I worked my way through a few courses on the Responsive Web Design Certification | freeCodeCamp.org pathway. I really liked the way the tutorial worked. I think it would be a very useful way for NQ students to learn and practice their web design skills (HTML, CSS, simple Javascript). I wonder if freeCodeCamp […]

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