Back to blogging – why?

Image by Werner Moser from Pixabay 
I’m working through my evidence for my GTCS five yearly sign off and was sincerely grateful that I was an active blogger during my time abroad.
I spent a long time yesterday making sure that the evidence (what I could include anyway given myGTCS upload issues) was linked to my development areas and that the existing activities were re-categorised using the new GTCS Standards that were enacted in August 2021.
I realised during this time that the blog is one of the best places to store evidence of my own personal development. The myGTCS site is just a silo and, given all the changes and problems with uploading documents, isn’t really trustworthy.
I use Evernote to store thoughts, readings, important information. I’ve explained this before. However, even with tagging, stuff gets lost. Searching for CPD many years later isn’t as easy as I had hoped. However Evernote is EXCELLENT at keeping my notes and photos safe.
I investigated a few alternatives before settling on my workflow of choice: GitHub Pages would have been good but it appears a little flakey, although this may be user error. It would also take me away from the security of Evernote. I also looked again at which – in 2013 – looked fantastic and integrates really well with Evernote. However the cost ($50 per year before including the cost of Evernote Premium) always puts me off. There are also some problems with the site integrations which make me even more nervous about parting with cash…
So I looked to find out if I could more easily link Evernote and WordPress together without cost. Turns out IFTTT helps, although it doesn’t republish if there are any changes to the Evernote note.
I’m going to try this method throughout the next term to see if it makes the documentation process of my own CPD easier.


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