Cost comparison of hosting vs using Replit cycles

Are you looking for a way to cut hosting costs for your website? Look no further! I recently faced a similar challenge with my site and I’m excited to share my findings with you.

As many of us know, the cost-of-living crisis in the UK has made it important to reduce expenses wherever we can. The yearly cost for hosting my csteach site was a manageable £72, but I still wanted to see if I could lower it even further.

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In an earlier blog post I shared how I successfully installed WordPress in a private repl and mirrored my csteach blog while waiting for my Raspberry Pi OS to update. And now I want to take it a step further by comparing my current hosting costs to the cost of Replit Cycles: virtual tokens which can be used to make public repls private, keep repls running 99% of the time and boost performance if necessary.

I found that private repls cost 150 cycles per month which adds up to 1800 cycles per year to keep my WordPress configurations and secrets secure. I may also need to pay an extra 2 cycles per day to keep my repl “always on”, so I’ve factored in 730 additional cycles to my calculations.

So in total I would need 2530 cycles per year to keep my WordPress repl private and running. This converts to $25.30 which, using today, is just over 20 GBP. A saving of over £50 a year!

I hope this information was helpful and provides you with a new insight into reducing your website hosting cost.

Are you curious about my hosting experiment for the csteach site? Want to know if there are any downsides to this cost-effective solution? Well, hold on tight because this journey is far from over! I’m going to keep monitoring my progress and keeping a record of any drawbacks that I encounter but I don’t want to do this alone! Join me on this adventure by following the blog for updates and don’t hesitate to share your own hosting struggles in the comments. We’re all in this together and your input could be the missing piece to the puzzle. So keep an eye out for new posts and let us conquer hosting challenges together!


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