#ettipad Navigating the 1st year in a 1:1 classroom (@ShawnMcCusker)

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What is your idea of the perfect 1:1 classroom?

Imagine your ideal. (not reality)

Picture a hard working, individualised classroom – then build backwards from there.

Why? You have to let your vision drive the iPad. If you don’t work this way then you end up with iPads in a classroom, not iPads in YOUR classroom.

How do I get there?

1 . Begin by considering relationships

No significant learning happens without a significant relationship – Dr James Comer

The iPad is a tool, not the focus. If it interferes, put it away. If it becomes the focus or the end point, put it away.

Technology is a platform that propels you forward. Embrace how it supports the identity in your class.

Failure #1

Students didn’t know who their teacher was. Eyes were on the iPad. Day 1 is important for creating a culture in the classroom.

Discussion about relationship between students, teachers, content.

Content has a relationship with content from different time periods.

There is a relationship between teachers. Sharing isn’t comfortable. “Don’t tell them where you are at, tell them how you got there.”

“Peer pressure is more powerful than you”. Empower the students to find the content.

Tangental interests enriches topics. #hacking Necessary background info Remediation – “when you leave us, come back and enrich us” Extending the lesson – the student who gets the concept as you mention it (Revving like crazy, but unable to move on) Off task – invite them to be a part of the community = community of learning

Pro tips: individualised learning

Teach students how to self-differentiate early. Empower them to meet their needs. Establish students as experts and allow them to share their processes. Don’t walk up to them – proximity changes bad AND good behaviour. “Don’t suppress awesomeness” Create a procedure to gather their attention smoothly. “Screens down, eyes up” Prioritize people over devices: “People over things” – how do students want to be treated? Create a procedure for early completion (keep learning, keep earning): correct earlier assignments, enrichment, remediation? Create standard procedures for… 2 . Know your “why?”

Know your learning objective as a person.

If the school hasn’t explained the purpose of the iPads then don’t hand them out:

School values The big picture Course objectives

Time is not saved through iPads, it is just redistributed. Don’t devalue teacher identity – set priorities. If your school has not had these conversations, go and make them happen.

3 . Focus on content over technology

Learning objective

Learning objective

Learning objective

Some problems aren’t yours to fix in the classroom.

Redefine the iPad as a learning tool.


Narrow the choices of those apps:

4 . Socialise the norm

e.g. scissors; formal/informal language; clothing

From Smoke Signals to Tweets – master the rules for communication  http://www.edudemic.com/evolution-of-education/

Pro tips: Socialisation

Don’t say “no” tell them why

“Think twice before you post that because everything on the internet lasts forever” Let the class spend 5 minutes searching for you. Then turn it around

“We don’t post our full names online because…” Patrick Larkin – used to be “what if people can find out information about my kids”, now we worry that people can’t find information about us if we are going for a job interview.

“We listen to people because at some point we will want to be listened to”

5 . Focus on verbs not nouns


“I want to share our conversations on Rome”…

6 . Focus the process not the product

e.g. iMovie trailer;

Construct with them – coach and fade.

7 . Scaffold tech skills

You have time! Don’t plan it all for August.

Digital natives are a myth.

Kids are fearless – this is good and bad.

8 . Individualise and differentiate learning but create a common unifying experience for all

Every student contributes then teacher curates their takeaways to share a unifying experience.

9 . Does the physical learning space reflect the work and relationships in your class?

You don’t have to rearrange your room, rearrange your day.

Movable furniture?! In a library?! Shh doesn’t fit with collaboration.

A video by Don Orth  http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3nwc7N6BaQc&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D3nwc7N6BaQc

Death of the Student Desk

The Obituary of the Student Desk 1887-2013

How do you learn? Create that environment.

A readlist of articles on the 1:1 classroom



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