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Why Student Portfolios? Why digital?

Digital Portfolio = Digital Citizenship

Positive Digital Footprint – building your digital legacy

It’s about understanding everything you are doing in digital citizenship.

Show students privacy – don’t give them a worksheet. They are building their digital brand. Empower them to take control.

Is my lesson good enough for a digital portfolio?

The California Missions

http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=G-9M4I1HRt8 – Minecraft for deeper learning!!

3 types of portfolios

process –

showcase –

The Process

Drive, Forms, Sites – everything created was placed in Google Drive; after a month pupils submitted one piece of work and reflected upon it (using Forms);

Students Digitise work

Explain their work and record it using Explain Everything.

Wes Fryer

Student Recording using Explain Everything

iPad Literacy Project

Taking screenshot of a book, throwing it into Explain Everything and asking the student to read the book using the laser pointer tool. Valuable assessment evidence – real life.



Reflections – Portfolio Assignment

Complete name name of assignment link to assignment in your own word please design the assignment please list three things you are most proud of … Publishing

Creators, contributors


Holly made the templates in Google Sites for students to choose from and use in their own portfolios.

Each year they make a new tab for their work.

Digital Binder Learning Profile Personal Learning Goals Accomplishments Interests Students were trying to populate accomplishments area because they wanted to fill it.

TouchCasts – ThingLinks with video?  http://www.touchcast.com/

12th graders left – where does their work go? Kern Kelly bought personal domains for each graduating student (99c per domain) e.g. hollyclark.info – one year purchase, the year after they have the option to buy it themselves.

Start small:

Gather everything you can into Google Drive Then make a goal to do one project a grading period Have students reflect using Google Forms Have students publish using Google Sites Doctopus – Goobric – Flubaroo – Autocrat


Speak to parents – have a parents information session, don’t send permission slips home as you can’t explain to them your reasons for wanting to put their work online.


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