#ettipad Technology Together: Whole school professional development for capability and confidence (Sam Bruzzese)

This is an experiment in live blogging using Evernote and Postach.io. I’ll go back and edit the information below, but the aim of publishing this as I go is to engage others in discussion. Please excuse any mistakes, but don’t forget to call me on them! Thank you.

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iPad app

useful app to introduce staff to the idea the world is changing, and schools are the last to change.

Used Socrative to gauge the room’s hopes, aims for session. m.socrative.com

Sam explained Technology Together model

2 people stuck on an escalator video – great message

Message to administrators: If you don’t model – it’s not going to happen.

Survey of parents and students using Qualtrics – *similar to RGC staff / pupil survey using surveymonkey*

Sam found that 85-89% of students use computer technology unsupervised.

Asked questions – what do you like most / least about using technology

#1 response – SLOW WIFI!

“Technology Together is founded on the idea that adoption and integration of technology by teachers (and students) is influenced by their attitudes, beliefs, values, motivation, confidence and learning strategies.”

Administrators: when you look at your staff, survey them, read the survey.

e.g. 80% of staff love the tech, 20% can’t wait for you to leave the school

The problem with PD is that it changes so fast e.g. socrative 1.0 is used today but 2.0 is in beta.

“This too shall pass” blocks a lot of change.

1 . Technology learning  is different from technology training

2 . Technology competency is different from technology capacity

– “yes you can do a keynote/powerpoint but we want you to become capable educators where you don’t sweat the small stuff in class”

Students are future teachers – they have to learn how to solve problems themselves.

3 . Adoption and integration of technology is influenced by teachers attitudes, beliefs, values, motivation, confidence and learning strategies

Metacognition – thinking about thinking, thinking about learning

4 . Technology learning is complex and influenced by school culture

5 . A whole school approach maximises school outcomes

Here are potential problems, here are potential solutions. Aim is colleague to colleague support.

(Link to chapter 3 in Technology Together book)

Coach and share model – one person shows two or three colleagues – and repeat. “I show, you show”

** this is an internal teachmeet, yes? **

Teachers can be primarily concerned with content and don’t share outside of the department – culture change required.

6 . Leadership is important in establishing a supportive school environment

If you don’t support your teachers this will fail. As an administrator you need to support and connect – be a true leader.

Teachers: if you have a really weak leader, they will leave eventually ( ** is this not “this too shall pass”?** )

Leadership is not just the domain of the principal. Teachers need to be encouraged but not pressured, supported by not over assisted (e.g. “technies – compliment, but don’t touch!!”)

7 . How teachers learn is just as important as what teachers learn

Teachers are always in charge of what happens in their classroom. Build up to integration of technology

8 . Teacher learning and culture change

= *The eight foundational pillars*

Climbing the technology ladder one step of a time. Technology learning as a journey (an adventure with ups and downs along the way)

“Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them the tools they’ll do wonderful things with them” Steve Jobs

Resources: Books, websites, and suggestions

From Consumption to Creation to Curation


audio – iTunesU, podcasts

video – youtube, vimeo, khan

ebooks – googlebooks, gutenberg


audio – garageband, soundcloud, fotobabble

video – imovie, explain everything

ebooks – book creator, scribblepress

“EdTechTeacher is a fantastic resource” –  http://edtechteacher.org

*Sam will give link to those articles

First5 (iPad classroom)

“don’t get lost in the apps”

Minimise the options to maximise confidence. e.g.

5 hours – camera, socrative

5 days – camera, safari, explain everything…

Just for fun – favourite iPad video




— Further reading

Jennifer Carey blog post  http://indianajen.com/2013/11/14/technology-together-whole-school-professional-development-for-capability-and-confidence/

Link to next session:  http://psch.io/6428761a58


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