#ettipad Transformative Game Changer: Unleashing the possibilities (Tracy Sockalosky, Karen Janowski)

This is an experiment in live blogging using Evernote and Postach.io. I’ll go back and edit the information below, but the aim of publishing this as I go is to engage others in discussion. Please excuse any mistakes, but don’t forget to call me on them! Thank you.

Unleashing the possibilities – intro




reflection survey

how well are you meeting the needs of all your learners?


UDL and reading process

recognition, strategic, affective

Impact of the affective network often overlooked! When fear response is activated the other networks cannot work efficiently.

Judy Willis – neurologist who became middle school teacher – value of joyful learning.

Making meaning from the text

Decoding, fluency and automaticity

iOS 7

Setting speak selection up in ios settings –> general –> accessibility


lines to the left of URL strips out all distractions – similar to



Voice Dream

Can bring in text from dropbox, google drive, itunes, evernote, browser, etc.

Can adjust and correct pronunciation

Focussed learning capability

Can highlight, define, etc like in iBooks

Export text or highlights – can also do in iBooks

— 15 minutes exploration time

(using padlet.com for feedback from the attendees)

Apps that support the reading / writing process


Ignite session (to end the session, interesting idea)


Want to avoid this phrase – “I will never read another book”

Goal – open-jawed awe in the classroom, paperless

TTWWADI – that’s the way we’ve always done it: doesn’t cut it anymore

Reflect on your teaching – challenge to use apps and ideas

“This is not in addition to. This is in place of.”

– point is joyful learning, bypassing challenges


11 ways to organise with binders

“why are children walking around with paper they never look at?”

This is no longer our only choice. 96 students that Tracy teaches – only 2 do not bring their phones to school. They are told to leave them at home.

This should not be the c… of her education experience.

If differentiation is obvious, then it is not differenition. It is segregation.

“This teaches kids not to like school”

Technology provides choice. Choice amplifies confidence, independence and motivation. “Give them a choice how to get there” (to the outcome of the task).

With choice and flexibility, every learner can experience the magic of reading, and the joy of learning.

We need to strive to get children to love going to school.


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