Formatting and filtering a Google Spreadsheet using Google Visualization API

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Quick blog post from the iPad where I have extended the functionality of the spreadsheet I created earlier. I found it very easy to complete all the functions on the iPad **except for the spreadsheet formatting function** (how do you reduce the number of decimal places for a number column on the iPad?). I used [Textastic]( to edit the HTML, [GDrive]( to upload the file (the Google Drive app crashed a lot) and the full desktop view of Google Drive within Chrome to get the necessary URL for the image file.

My first aim was to get the URL to become a hyperlink. I found a [blog post]( which quickly helped solve this issue.

Next I wanted to turn the hyperlink into a button which opened the URL in a new window. The CONCATENATE function in Google Sheets helped here.

Then I wanted to hide the preURL column from the view. This took a little while because I forgot I was dealing with a spreadsheet and used the column headers as field names!

Finally I build a simple filter which allowed me to limit the results displayed to the user.

I’m now ready to design and populate a single spreadsheet containing all the training material – YouTube videos, webinars, iTunesU courses, articles, blog posts and files – which will be automatically limited depending on which page the user visits (beginner, intermediate or advanced). This should reduce the time it currently takes to manually edit the HTML in Google Sites.

Does anyone else use Google Sites within their educational establishment to help deliver staff training or CPD? I’d love to hear from you.


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