Higher Computing, Programming and Edmodo Badges

40 days since the start of term and my Higher Computing class are now comfortable using Edmodo. We have explored notification options and most of my students seem very quick to check the site when replies and new posts appear. I was online this evening and noticed that a few of the students had logged on as well. (I wonder if it was to see if anything new had been posted or to recap previous posts and resources? I’d love Edmodo to introduce a feature that showed a student’s active time on the site). I realised that I could quickly provide them with a pre-lesson task as well as explain what is to be covered in the coming week and posted the following:



The new scheduling feature in Edmodo is excellent. I’ve lined up my resources to appear tomorrow morning just before class begins so I know any response to the above is a result of the student’s own work or Internet research. For example, this was posted soon after:




This isn’t quite right but gave me the opportunity to intervene before the lesson tomorrow with a quick reply:






I would have loved more responses this evening but I have to admit it was a little late when I posted the message. I intend to try this again, but set up the message to appear on Friday afternoon to maximise the opportunity for all students to contribute.

And win those badges of course.


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