Making the background for my #ettipad ThingLink

I wanted to put some of what I’ve learned into practice straight away, so spent a little bit of time on the flight planning the image around which I’m going to link all the resources, blog posts and contacts from the Boston iPad Summit.

I started with Paper by Fifty Three. I’ve never been particularly good at drawing and, as a result, hadn’t bought the different brushes. I got a few styluses at the EdTechTeacher conference and I really like the one from Showbie. It is firmer than the others and reacted better to my style of scribbling. So thanks Showbie!!

A quick screengrab and then I brought the image into Skitch. I used the highlight tool to add some more colour, then saved it to Camera Roll.

I wanted to add some graphics rather than just text so drew a few icons in Paper by Fifty Three. But how to add them to the larger image?

I looked in the App Store for a while for something that could layer images without much success and then I remembered Lisa Johnson’s suggestion about using Keynote or Explain Everything to build up images instead of Canva (which gave me my beta account this morning, unfortunately it doesn’t work on the iPad browser).

So I fired up Explain Everything and in a matter of minutes it was finished.

Just for effect I put the image through PicsArt. Here it is!

Now I just need to build the ThingLink!


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