Planning for next PS3 learning session

Today I discussed the project developments with my students. I had met with my Market Place Primary link on Tuesday and discussed how to introduce the game Little Big Planet to the Primary 1/2 classes. As their topic next term is “seasons and festivals” we agreed this would be a good way to get the primary pupils excited about using Little Big Planet and also would be a good focus for my S5/6 students as they learn about level creation within the game.

The discussion with my students went well with careful consideration shown towards the needs and abilities of primary 1/2 pupils. For example, one student wanted to make sure the equipment was kept safely away from the pupils so accidents would be less likely to affect their introduction to the game. Another reminded me that they had found controlling the sackboy character tricky when swinging, so the level we create to introduce the game should be easy to navigate. My students seem unphased at the prospect of introducing the game and presenting their themed level to the primary pupils, although I have reinforced that they will have plenty of time to become confident in using the game so should be able to answer any issues that the primary pupils encounter.

I have attached a photo of the plan for next Tuesday which was generated through discussion with my students. It shows methodical planning and already a greater self-awareness of their needs and abilities with regard to this project.

Pupil-created plan for next PS3 day
Pupil-created plan for next PS3 day


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