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Organising Google Classrooms Effectively #GoogleET

There was some discussion on the Google Educator Facebook groups last week about how to best organise a large collection of Google Classrooms. You may already know that you can drag and drop the various icons in the main “Classes” page to put your most commonly used classes to the top of the list. But […]

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Redirecting TinyURL shortcuts using Google Sites

I’ve had my CompSci department page live at my current school for nearly two years now. It links many of the resources students find invaluable and is regularly used across KS3, iGCSE and IB courses. However the new Google Sites layout is much easier to configure and seems to help with accessibility so I decided […]

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Adding some WSQ to my #flipclass

I’m nearly a month into my flipped classroom approach and I’m already seeing the benefits (some of which I’m sharing as part of a whole-school INSET on Wednesday): Students are – in the main – responding well to the video introductions or lessons My tasks are becoming more diverse to cater for students who need […]

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Trying to create a student understanding tracking system using Google Forms and Sites #gafe

I used (and sorely miss) Geddit. It was very useful in gauging student understanding during a lesson and was a low-cost, high-gain tracking tool that I could refer to after lessons, before end of topic tests and during parents evenings (if needed). I decided to try and create something along a similar vein, but using […]

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