This Is My Classroom – August 2011

When I first took photographs of my classroom at Inverurie Academy in May it was meant as a way of recording how the displays changed each year and to help me reflect on how pupils could be better catered for. I had just finished a month long project with two S3 classes looking at classroom design and what would, in their opinion, make them happy and more enthusiastic about learning and the great dialogue my classes had with me and educators outside of the school gave me impetus to at least look further into some of their ideas – as well as ideas of my own – and to make a few changes.

Well, just before taking those photos I had sent off an application form and CV for a Teacher of Computing vacancy with a private school in Aberdeen. Within two weeks of taking those photos, I had accepted the job and handed in my resignation. It was pretty amazing how quickly everything moved and, at the end of June, I began to pack my old classroom away.

Today I began my new post and as I have been lucky enough to have been allocated my own room took a few photos to help me as I plan how best to use the space.

The new classroom is bigger but again the furniture is fixed in place. There is storage space above some of the computers which can double as displays. There is a lot of natural light – which I like – but also a lot more screen glare – which I don’t like.

The seating in the middle of the classroom is very nice with plenty of space for each pupil but promotes individual not than group work. The ceilings are very high which may allow for “washing lines” of work or something similar to be put in place well underneath the lights, appeasing the gods of health and safety. All in all, a very promising space to work in.

It does need a little bit of colour to cheer it up though! Think I’ll start with that back wall and the cupboards!

My next blog post on this topic will concentrate on some of the ideas I intend to try out to make my classroom as good a learning environment as possible. If you are in the process of creating, or have completed a great learning space for your pupils or workers please post a link to your blog / photos below as I’d love to see examples of other teacher’s work!


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