Vector graphic experiments in Photoshop CS5

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Today I found myself in a gift shop in Stonehaven looking at wonderful vector images of some of the town landmarks and I wondered if I could recreate them in the right proportions for a frame we want to put up in our hall.

I decided to use Photoshop CS5 and the pen tool which, until today, I’d never really used.

Finding a similar image in Flickr was quite quick and easy and I used this as the guide layer in photoshop.

Once I had reduced the opacity I began to build up layers of colours and created layer masks for each to quickly build up the shapes.

I added a gradient layer for the sky as I thought it was a bit flat.

It’s not finished because, after an hour of [moving pen points around](, I realised that **good** vector graphics take a lot more time and skill. I learned a lot about a small bit of Photoshop today and now I’m wondering about vector-based iOS drawing apps and their suitability for the classroom.


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